How to Hire a Contractor

How to Hire a Contractor

Home projects are fun!  However, hiring a contractor is a complex process.  You may be nervous that you’re overpaying for a contractor or anxious about the quality of the job.  There are several key steps you can take to hire a contractor in 2020.  In this article, we will discuss how setting project goals, managing your budget and finding a contractor can help reduce the stress of hiring a contractor.

How to Set Home Project Goals

This is the fun part of the process.  Here, your job is to decide on your home project plan.  Finally getting the new bathroom you’ve always wanted?  Installing a patio?  Or is there a problem that needs fixing?  No matter the size of your project, it is vital to understand and decide on all of your home renovation goals.  It can help to write them out so you remember what you need done.  It is also important to discuss the project with others to get second opinions (This can also be the perfect time to ask for contractors!).  For big projects, you can even post to social media or email to family for advice.  Nothing is more disappointing than finishing a project only to later realize it was not what you wanted!  Avoid this by setting your home project goals ahead of time.

Planning ahead also helps with our next step, Planning Your Budget.

How to Plan a Budget for a Contractor

OK, but what’s the price?  For most of us, the scope of a project can only be limited to its budget.  The price ranges of contractors can be extensive, but so can the quality.  Set your budget ahead of time to know your limit - and to know when you are getting a good price.  If you are unsure on the value of the project, ask friends and family if they can share what they paid, or look through online forms to get budget ideas.  Many contractors offer payment plan options as well to budget for big projects.  It is important to also keep a small backup fund for unexpected expenses on the project.  These are only suggestions, and only you can control your budget, but investing in an experienced and professional contractor can likely make the difference between an exciting project and an overpriced headache. 

Once you have set a budget you are comfortable with, it is time to go on the hunt for a contractor!

How to Find a Contractor

Now that you have set your goals and planned your budget, it is time to find the perfect contractor for the job.  The traditional way to find something in 2020 is to run to the internet.  This can help, social media posts and online reviews can be extremely helpful in getting an idea of the quality to expect.  However, not all reviews are trustworthy!  Check with people you do trust such as your friends and family to get their recommendations as well.  Their personal experience with the contractor can weigh significantly.  

Once you have settled on a few options, give them a call.  Talk with them about the project to get their ideas and budget.  Remember you plan from earlier!  Some changes can happen along the way, but remember your goals as you discuss the project.  Find the contractor than can bring you the closest to that goal.  

How to Hire a Contractor Safely in 2020

During the current pandemic, safety is on everyone’s minds.  After you have settled on your contractor, call ahead of time to establish a safety plan.  Let the contractor know how you would like them to handle masking and physical distancing in your home.   It is also good to clean up any clutter in the home, especially in the area that the contractor may be working in.  If the project requires you to leave the home, be sure to plan for a safe place to stay and discuss a plan with them as well.  Safety should always be the top priority of any project. 

Having the best contractor for the job is important.  In this article we discussed how to hire a contractor by planning your project, setting your budget, finding a contractor, and How to Hire a Contractor Safely in 2020.

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