How to Deal with a Roofing Insurance Claim

How to Deal with a Roofing Insurance Claim

Roofing insurance is not always on the top of a homeowners mind, but after a natural disaster or storm, you may find yourself wondering how to manage a roofing insurance claim.  In this article, I will explain how you to deal with a roofing insurance claim by assessing the damage, staying organized, calling your insurance provider, verifying your claim, and, finally, getting the repair done.

Assessing Damage in a Roof Insurance Claim

When your home has been damaged, it can be overwhelming.  The first step to dealing with this problem is to assess the damage.  You can get a good idea for yourself, but it is important to hire a licensed and insured roofer. A roofer can safely and accurately give your roof an inspection, tracking any damage or leaks that you may not have even noticed.  When dealing with a roofer, inform them of your knowledge of the event and damage done, and allow them to give you a written damage assessment.  This will be vital in making sure you get the most money you can.

How to Stay Organized During the Claim

Staying organized during this time, especially as your family adjust to possible damage, can be difficult.  It is important to keep all information from your roofer and the assessment together, along with your insurance information.  You should also keep track of your mortgage information as the mortgage company will likely later need to approve the repair.  Review the paperwork, pricing, and timeframe, and you are now prepared to speak with your insurance provider.

How to File a Roof Insurance Claim 

Now that you have gathered your information, reach out to your insurance company.  If there was a recent natural disaster, they may have a special line to call in for regarding the claim.  The provider will need to verify the damages on the written assessment, so they will send an adjuster to your home to do an inspection of their own.  This is why the first steps are so important!  Every provider’s process is different, sp discussing the plan with your provider in detail will assure your preparation pays off.

How to Verify your Roofing Insurance Claim

After the claim is filed, the wait begins.  If you were in the path of a natural disaster, your claim would likely be fast-tracked, but normally the wait for insurance approval can take time.  So don’t lose hope!  If your claim matches the damages inspected, you will most likely receive written notice letting you know you were approved as well as a check covering what the provider has given towards expenses.  

Finally Getting Your Roof Repaired

Now that you have been approved, the time for repairs has come.  Remember, if you are paying a mortgage, you may have to let the company know of the repair before proceeding.  The good news is you already have a damage assessment, so finding a contractor to do the repair should be even easier.  For more on that, check out the article “How to Hire a Contractor”.

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